Attempting to move a pool table may cause damage if not done properly.  The slates and table components are heavy and can cause injury if not handled safely.  Not only can this be hard on the back, it can be a struggle to move, especially up or down a flight of stairs.  NEVER move a pool table in one piece and never try to move a pool table by getting a bunch of guys together and picking it up!  Moving a table in one piece causes the slates to shift and crack which is an expensive fix!  It is not worth destroying your pool table, your home or your back by lifting and moving the pool table.  This is why is it highly recommended to have your pool table moved by a professional who has the knowledge, experience and equipment to complete the job. Whether you purchased a used pool table on-line and need it moved to your location or you're moving from one house to another we've got you covered!  We will dismantle your pool table, move it from one room to another (for carpet cleaning or new flooring installed) or from one location/city to another, then reassemble and re level it for optimum game play!  We are extremely diligent when moving pool tables, using blankets, drop cloths and specially designed dollies to insure no damage to your flooring or structure.