Quality pool tables purchased by the consumer can perform poorly due to low-grade installation, just as there are low grade pool tables that perform well due to the professionalism of the installers.  Not only can installing a pool table be difficult, but without the proper tools can be darn right frustrating.  Many times we work on tables that have not been assembled properly and that are simply not leveled correctly, while others had developed structural problems from improper handling and assembly.  We not only are BRUNSWICK factory trained and certified by one of the best names in the billiard industry, but are the only installers for other big name manufacturers of some of the most unique and one of a kind tables you’ll ever see. With 20+ years in the billiards industry, there isn’t a pool table that is beyond our level of knowledge or experience.  

CENTURY BILLIARDS will go to your home or business, assemble and level your new or used pool table, with precision for optimum play.  ALL of our work is guaranteed and if for any reason your pool table settles and is in need of a re level - NO PROBLEM - just give us a call and we will come out to your home or business at no charge.